Experts in environmental and hazardous material management

Monitoring, reducing and removing pollutants in air, water and land

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Emission Assessments is a leading independent environmental consultancy. We provide technical consulting, testing services, auditing and technology solutions to monitor, reduce and remove pollutants from air, water and land. We are accredited with the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) and have fully accredited and certified systems and processes.

Together, our management team hold over 120 years of environmental consulting experience and act as advisors on Technical Committees and Australian Standards Committees. This experience means that we know what works and will take the initiative to deliver a nimble and responsive service to our clients.

Our experienced and qualified teams assist in both corporate and government work throughout all of Australasia, providing impartial monitoring that results in practical, robust, and credible solutions that meet regulatory environmental assessments and increased awareness of R&D.

These strong capabilities position Emission Assessments to become Australia’s leading independent provider of high quality environmental consulting and testing services.

Emission Assessments identify, monitor and resolve environmental impacts

An Independent Voice

Emission Assessments is an independent voice in the environment industry. Our ability to provide air, water and land monitoring and testing services as part of our environmental management capability is unique. We collect and analyse environmental data and provide an independent report.