Emission Assessments' Approach

Emission Assessments is a “house of science” and not just a consulting service

All our work is underpinned by a thorough understanding of our client’s issue, our ability to effectively consult with our client before providing a professional and comprehensive report. We work closely with our clients to provide workable strategies and potential solutions wherever possible.

We take the time to discuss with our clients what their objectives are. Is the assessment for regulatory purposes or for piece of mind?¬†We meet our client’s objectives by applying our superior experience and research.

An experienced Emission Assessment team is sent to inspect the site and gather evidence that will confirm the issue you are experiencing. Once the problem and its cause have been successfully identified, a practical report is put together promptly that provides potential solutions at a reasonable cost. Our multi-discipline intelligence and expertise ensures you get the highest quality solution, as we apply the best science by recognising the correct solution.

Why choose us?

  • Deep technical expertise

  • Providing an independent voice to the industry

  • Leading environmental consultancy in Perth, Western Australia

  • Client and solution focused

  • Operates throughout Australasia