Project Description

Historic Asbestos Insulation Debris

In 2014 Gateway WA commissioned Emission Assessments Pty Ltd (EAPL) to assist with a land remediation project within the Perth Airport and Freight Access Project, following the discovery of elements of asbestos insulation debris buried within an area of land earmarked for redevelopment. The Gateway WA Project is a $1 billion project, WA’s largest ever road project, designed to improve the safety and efficiency of one of the state’s most important transport hubs.

EAPL was called in to manage the remediation of the impacted soil and sent an experienced asbestos project management team. The team’s experience and technical knowledge ensured that complex asbestos management and remediation of the area was handled expertly within the commercial and operational requirements of the project. The site was within Perth Airport boundaries which bought with it unique operational constraints that needed to be managed carefully.

EAPL assisted Gateway WA’s contaminated land consultants with the formulation of a remediation strategy and further provided on-site personnel to project manage the successful and safe removal of the asbestos from the affected area. The remediation project lasted six months, during which EAPL’s Class A Asbestos Assessors were in constant attendance. Any potential risks for the site team and the environment were effectively managed to the satisfaction of the client Gateway WA.

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